WordPress SEO Tips: Improve SERP with Topic Pages

By Amy Hall

In the past the best way to raise your WordPress website rank for any keyword was to build a page or post target one specific keyword phrase. Usually by saturating the page / post with a keyword density of 3 to 5% the page / post. Depending on the competition, this would rank well out of the gate and would steadily climb upwards on a Google search page.

What is keyword density?
The percentage of time a keyword phrase appears on a webpage when compared to the total number of words on the page. Want to check your current keyword density? Here are a couple of sites where you can check the density for free. SeoBook and KeywordDensity.com. Want a WordPress plugin that will analyze your keyword density? Try SEO Content Helper (www.wordpress.org/plugins/seo-content-helper/). (Always check a plug-in’s ratings and when the plugin was last updated before adding to your site. If a plugin hasn’t been updated in 6 month to a year it may mean the plug-in has been abandoned.)

How do you find your keywords?
Who’s your biggest competitor? According to Terry Hall (a WordPress SEO Consultant) have a look at their website and check out what they are using for keywords. Use the keyword density tool to see what the site ranks for. You’ll see the site will have words like “and” and “the” as some of the most frequently used words. You’ll want to look for keyword phrases – 3, 4, 5 word phrases.

Think like a client or ask your clients what they typed into the Google search bar to find you. That way you’ll get search terms from a source that found you.

If you have a brick and motor location or work within a geographic area, use the city and state you’re in. Don’t forget to use the state, as there is a Raleigh in NC and in CA.

For example… if you’re a Chiropractor in Raleigh, NC in the past I would have optimized your about page for Chiropractor in Raleigh NC, your home page for Raleigh, NC Chiropractor and your contact page for Raleigh Chiropractic.

Lately, single keyword concentrated pages aren’t ranking as quickly as I’d like (probably due to an on-page over optimization change Google’s Penguin update). So I’ve been experimenting with “topic pages”. A topic page that targets many related keywords within a specific topic/niche . It’s a comprehensive, well rounded, well written page that contains your main/money keyword and it’s related keywords. In our example we would use Chiropractor in Raleigh NC, Raleigh NC Chiropractor and Raleigh Chiropractic, gentle chiropractic, neck pain doctor, alternative migraine treatments all on the same page. Basically the 3 pages I would have written would now be all on one page. These pages are similar to wiki pages.

Google has been rewarding sites for longer pages and posts. Gone are the days of website with only 300 word posts ranking well with Google. Now one needs a variety post lengths. Anywhere from 550 to 2500 words. Google thinks that this a more natural, human style of writing rather than the keyword stuffed, poorly written posts of the past.

But what does that mean for you? Well, if you’re like me you need to rewrite some pages on your site. Thank goodness WordPress makes it easy to change out content. Don’t worry about past posts. Just write future posts with these guidelines in mind.

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